Customized Coaching

for owners, operators,
sales and marketing, regional
and corporate staff

Catching the marketplace winds of the Five Key Groups requires a team that offers excellence in customer service and operations, exceptional sales and marketing talent, and remarkable programs and services.

Coaching Workshops are customized just for you and taught at your community. Connecting ideas, methods, and initiatives in the context of your community makes a huge difference in the applied art and science of sales and marketing. Gary Solomonson of The Red Bottom Boat will work one-on-one, as well as with small selected groups from your staff, prospects, residents, referral sources and volunteers, to help you create a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

As a coach, Gary must first get to know your players. Next, based on their talents and passions, he will help create an effective game plan infusing his 46 years of experience. As the action plan unfolds, Gary and the team will evaluate and embrace their analysis with critical thinking. Finally, the adjustments will be made where and when necessary. You will find his coaching style insightful, thought-provoking, focused, engaging and empowering.

The Customized Coaching Sales and Marketing Workshops are created for new and experienced sales and marketing staff, executive directors and regional staff, volunteers, and activity directors.

…makes a huge
difference in the
applied art and
science of sales
and marketing.