Gary Solomonson Recognized by
University Village, Tampa, FL.

Gary Solomonson was recently recognized for his assistance in developing Village Veterans and The Amber Society clubs for University Village, Tampa, Florida. Celebrating at the inaugural meeting is Tara Bower, Kara Hull, Ira Ward, Gary Solomonson, and Michelle Cronin. Gary is holding the newly-created brochure, which he composed.
Village Veterans is an organization for veterans to celebrate life and liberty through service, honor, remembrance, education, and gratitude. The programs are for veterans of the armed forces and the First Responders of University Village and the Tampa community. The Amber Society is open to people of all ages to create and implement service projects that support veterans, active service men and women, their families, and Tampa’s greater community.
Gary has written a summary of the organizations’ history, service, and mission through the words of this poem, printed in the Village Veterans collateral:

As young men and women,
We came from farms, villages and cities,
To proudly and passionately serve our country.
We embraced dreams of preserving our freedoms,
Liberating the oppressed and protecting others,
While honoring those who went before us.

We were diligent and faithful whatever our tasks,
True to our Pledge of Allegiance,
Celebrating the lyrics of America the Beautiful.
Trusting in our purpose, orders and commands,
We served behind the lines and battlefields many,
Now gathering to honor our comrades fallen and living.

As military service men and women, and since 9-11,
We gladly welcome First Responders to join our club,
Law Enforcement, EMS and Firefighters.
Having served in emergencies and challenging moments,
We gladly welcome you as service veterans,
Who also lived by a code of courage and caring.

In service to others, we veterans lived by our codes,
In battle or emergencies, we all served selflessly,
Saving, enriching and preserving the lives of others.
We now live in another village and city,
University Village, Tampa, Florida, gladly sharing,
Our stories and legacies with others...

                                               —Gary M. Solomonson