supporting clients to create or adjust branded programs and services, welcoming environments, competitive offerings, and an engaging staff to attract the right prospects

your community’s branded programs, services, environments, spirit
and energy

the attention and interest of the marketplace with engaging and effective marketing

Five Key Groups:
1. Prospects and residents in their 80s and 90s; some younger,
    some older
2. Residents’ families, friends, and their networks
3. Referral sources
4. Volunteers and their networks
5. Community partners and resources

the needs, wants, interests, and aspirations of each individual in
the marketplace

Our Mission is to work jointly and respectfully with clients, helping create or adjust operations, branded programs, services, and marketing to maintain strong sales, excellence in customer service, and financial stability—through the art and science of contextual innovation and creative infusion.

Our Vision is to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the lives of residents and staffs in senior living communities through collaborative work with developers, investors, architects, designers, owners, operators, lenders, community residents, families, staffs, and volunteers.


Gary Solomonson, President
The Red Bottom Boat, LLC
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